Quality is a central focus of Moses Lake Industries’ efforts to become the world's most trusted supplier of high performance chemicals to the semiconductor and flat panel industries. We have built our business by consistently and predictably delivering the quality products, services, and solutions required by our customers.

A Comprehensive, Integrated Approach

Every individual at MLI is responsible for quality and continuous improvement; everyone is empowered to identify risks, concerns and issues effecting quality and safety. Systematic training and recertification of our staff ensure consistent awareness of MLI’s Quality Operating System, and compliance with procedures and requirements. 

Our Quality Management System provides a consistent and coordinated approach to ensure and improve quality through every step of development, manufacturing, delivery and customer support. 

Communication and close interaction with our customers is key to identifying needs and developing solutions that will meet and exceed expectations.  We build strong relationships with our customers by listening, working collaboratively and acting as partners in innovation. 

Issue prevention via Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is an integral part of our product and process design and has informed and continues to shape our Quality Management System:

  • Raw Material Sourcing – To ensure the highest quality and consistency, we manufacture as much of our  our own raw material as possible.  Raw material not produced in-house undergoes rigorous acceptance testing prior to use.

  • Manufacturing Systems Control– Our in-house experts design, build and manage our infrastructure and manufacturing systems.  This level of control allows us to ensure the highest quality and consistency through multiple facilities.  It also facilitates quick response to the evolving needs of our customers.

  • Analysis and Monitoring – Advanced analytical devices provide continuous real time monitoring and analysis of production, allowing for immediate in-line corrective response.  Solicitation of customer feedback as well regular internal audits and self-assessment of processes support continuous improvement. 

  • Packaging – We maintain strict packaging specifications, cleaning methodologies and filling preparation procedures to eliminate sources of contamination.  A Certificate of Analysis, with complete analytical results, is provided with each product shipment.

  • Delivery – Warehouse and shipping conditions and procedures are rigorously controlled to ensure products are consistently received on time, damage-free and within temperature specification. 

  • Customer Support -  Quality and consistency is critical in our products, and crucial in our personal interactions, as well.  Our management team, scientists, sales staff and accounting and billing department aim to provide unsurpassed responsiveness and customer service.