Research and Development

Moses Lake Industries’ aggressive investment in research and development is fundamental to our mission to be the world’s most innovative, respected and favored supplier of chemical solutions to the semiconductor and flat panel industries. 



Industry Leadership

In keeping with the rapid pace of innovation in the semiconductor and flat panel industries, our scientists look to the horizon, anticipating the future needs of our customers.  Significant past achievements include: 

  • TMAH-based developers unsurpassed in precision, quality and value
  • Patented chlorine-free manufacturing system for TMAH.
  • Advanced copper damascene chemistries with ability to fill most advanced customer node sizes.   
  • Market-leading copper Through Silicon Via plating chemistry.
  • Copper Chip Substrate Plating chemistries showing superior fill characteristics  on the most advanced structures.  
  • Customized copper Wafer Level Packaging solutions to achieve superior uniformity and profile.  

Our scientists continue to study alternate techniques to enable fill on the most advanced devices.  



We have extensive collaboration programs with all the major electroplating platform suppliers, research consortiums worldwide, and university programs for the most advanced materials development. 

Research and Development 

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