For over 35 years, Moses Lake Industries has been a source of innovation in the manufacture of high performance, ultra-high purity chemical solutions.  In the tradition of our parent company, Tama Chemicals, we are driven by a commitment to continuous improvement to meet the evolving needs of our customers.  Guided by our core values, MLI has grown to be a leading global supplier of high-performance chemicals to the semiconductor and flat panel industries. 


2015 – Publication of Sustainability Report (GRI)

2014 – Hiroyuki Era assumes role of President

2013 – Moses Lake Industries opens office in Korea

2012 – Moses Lake Industries opens a wholly-owned subsidiary in Xi’an, China – Moses Lake Xi’an Chemical Industries

2012 – Publication of Environmental Health, Safety and Security Report

2011 – MLI begins R&D effort in Chip Substrate Packaging electrolyte and additives

2010 -  Moses Lake Industries expands R&D with a facility in Portland, Oregon, USA in cooperation with the University of Portland


2009 – MLI’s 25th Anniversary

2008 – Moses Lake Industries expands internationally with a wholly-owned subsidiary in Dalian, China – Moses Lake Dalian Chemical Industries

2008 – MLI begins R&D effort in Through Silicon Via and Wafer Level Plating electrolyte and additives

2007 – MLI begins R&D effort in Damascene additives

2003 – ISO 9001:2000 certification received

2002 – ISO 14001 certification received

2001 – Manufacture of metallic plating additives products begins.

2001- Mike Harvey assumes role of President

2000- Manufacture of high purity copper electrolyte solution begins

2000- ISO 9002 certification received


1999 – Manufacture of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) materials begins

1997- Manassas, Virginia, USA plant opens

1992 – Manufacture of semiconductor chemical vapor deposition (CVD) materials begins


1986 – Manufacture of TMAH begins

1984 – Moses Lake Industries is established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Tama Chemicals Co., Ltd.